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About The School

Till the turn of the century, public and professional discourse on management in India focused predominantly on professionalization, innovation, dynamism and so on. Today, with the growth in terrorist activities, public opinion has come to increasingly emphasise the need for business organisations to participate actively in the amelioration of the economically weaker sections of society so that the conditions that lie at the root of terrorism can be eliminated. Today, the purpose contemporary of management education can no longer be one of professionalization alone. It needs to be that of shaping managers who are not only professional but also socially responsible; who can skilfully perform the balancing act between people and profits; who can keep not only investors but also other stakeholders and society at large happy. The School of Business & Commerce, one of the pillars of the Glocal University, is committed to shaping such managers.

The school offers three programmes leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and master of Business Administration respectively. Since 2013, two batches of students have been admitted while we will be welcoming our third batch this year.

A serene campus amidst hills that is ideally suited for studies, a state-of-the- art infrastructure, and a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty committed to delivering education of international standards make us confident that we will soon be a B- School of choice for all aspirants.