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Mission & Vision


  • Creating value for society through our work in the management education sector is the raison d’etre of the School
  • We are committed to providing management education of international standards adapted to local conditions and strive thereby to contribute to the creation of a body of professionals who will go on to shape management practices along innovative and socially responsible lines.
  • Closely related to the above commitment is our resolve to help our students become active learners and remain so throughout their life.
  • Creating value for the members of our Faculty is a goal that is of intrinsic value to us. We are committed to providing them the resources and working climate necessary for their continuous intellectual development so that they derive the maximum satisfaction from their work.
  • We are also committed to helping practicing managers keep abreast of the latest developments in management theory and practice and thereby contributing to the enhancement of the quality of management of their respective organisations.


We are propelled in all our actions by the future that we have envisioned for our School. We are striving to build a B-School that would be a school-of-choice for bright young men and women from not only the different parts of India but also from throughout the world, particularly from developing and less developed countries.. We are striving to build an infrastructure that would be on par with the best. Academics would be in the hands of a dedicated team of highly competent faculty members dedicated to student-centric learning who conceive of themselves as facilitators of learning rather than teachers disseminating their superior knowledge. Students would cherish their learning and living experiences long after they have left the School’s portals and remain in touch with us life-long, contributing to the School’s growth in all possible ways.

The School we are building would be one in which members of the faculty are provided with every opportunity – and use them effectively- to pursue an intertwined career of teaching, research and consultancy. They would be adept at fashioning relevant and effective management development programmes that would be actively subscribed to by practitioners.

We see our School carving out a niche for itself as one that is viewed by society-at-large as an important contributor to the enhancement of socially responsible management practices.